Bismillahi wa solatu wa salamu ala Rasulillah

Insya Allah, fardhu ain class in English will start on 3rd September 2017 . It will be held every Sunday from 11am to 1230pm. It will be free of charge.

Course materials are chargeable at $50 which consist of 2 Vol set book titled Minhajul Muslim.

The course will be taught by Ustaz Zahri Kasir. He is currently pursuing Master in Tafsir and Ulumul Quran in Al-Madinah International University in Kulliyah Al-Quran. Obtained Bachelors in Ulumul Quran from Al-Madinah International University and a certified ARS Ustaz.

Please note that this course is only for those who is starting to learn Islam or as a refresher course.

Please fill in the online form below. Do note that the course is limited to 20 males and females only




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