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Bismillahi wa solatu wa salamu ala Rasulillah

Camp Emojis is created for kids to identify their strength, emotions and managing them.

Date : 16th March to 17th March 2019

Venue : Masjid Kampung Siglap

Fee : $25

The Bayaan Camp Emoji is tailored for our youth between the ages of 7yrs – 9yrs. The objective of the camp is to develop desirable social and emotional skills in the at-risk youth participants of the camp. The camp aims to provide the youth participants the knowledge and mental models to identify and engage in healthy and beneficial relationships.  

Address bullying behaviour and strategies to manage bullying
– Recognize what consists of bullying behaviour and the damage it does
– Know how to manage bullying behaviour
Establishing friendships and how to maintain them
– Identify what they can bring to a friendship
– Use different strategies to develop and maintain healthy peer relationships
– Identify qualities that hurt a friendship
– Use active listening to reflect feelings and needs

Don’t miss the chance as slots are limited.


Please contact Bro Hisham@9720 4331 for further enquries


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