Bismillah Walhamdulillah Wasalatu Wasalamu Wa Ala Rasulillah. Amma Ba’du.

With the grace of Allah Azza wa Jalla, for the first time Bayaan Women’s Wing together with a group of akhwat has made a special set up for Eidulfitri this year 2016.

All Muslimahs are invited to our first Eid Charity Event and choose FREE preloved items for Eid preparations. As this is a charity event, please come with your own bags to place your chosen items.

May Allah Azza wa Jalla bless our effort and make the event a success.

Our Objective:

i) We seek to earn the pleasure and reward of Allaah subhaanahu wa ta’ala by sharing as we have received, as all forms of sustenance comes from Allah.

ii) To ease the affairs of our Muslim community, regardless of race and stature and forge strong, close-knit relations encompassed with love and a trust that our sisters in Islaam are dependable and have our welfare at heart.

iii) To re-live the Sunnah of the Masjid being a hub that holds events other than worship.


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