Our Objectives

To uphold and promote the advancement of the Islamic religion till the
creation of a true Islamic society, based on the Quran and the Authentic
Hadith (Traditions of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ) based upon the understanding of the Righteous Predecessors;

To provide value and quality education to our youth in order to attain
strong and proud Islamic identity with the above principle

Lesson Content


Tauhid Rububiyah
Tauhid Uluhiyah
Tauhid al-Asmaa’ wa as-Sifat
Belief in the Angels
Belief in the Revelation & Prophets
Belief in the Hereafter
The Prophet is our best & only example in getting Allah’s pleasures


Meaning of Purification & Pure Water
What is Hadath – Minor & Major
What is Najis; Things that are Najis and how to remove them
Wudu; removing of minor hadath
The Prophet’s Prayer Described
The Fasting of Ramadhan


Brief History of First Revelation
Prophet Ibrahim vs Nimrod
Prophet Ibrahim’s Travel to Mecca
Prophet Ibrahim, Ismail & Sacrifice
Prophet Ibrahim & his son built the Ka‘bah
The Story of Prophet Yusof, Salih, Hud, Lut, Noah, Adam


Blk 203
Hougang St 21


Friday 8:00pm to 9:30pm
Age 10-12

Saturday 10:00am to 12:00pm
Age 7-9

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